SACRAMENTO — A restaurant owner convicted of employing illegal aliens and mail fraud was sentenced Friday to pay $49,000 in fines and spend 36 months on probation and eight months in home confinement.

Prosecutors said Rui Tao Lin, 53, was the owner of King's Buffet in Vacaville, one of a group of affiliated family-owned restaurants that included Empire Buffet in San Pablo. The restaurants used a Los Angeles employment agency to recruit undocumented Asian workers, prosecutors said, while also hiring other undocumented workers who responded to classified advertisements.

Agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided two of the restaurants in September, but did not hit the San Pablo restaurant because it never opened the day of the scheduled raid. Agents also made arrests at several homes, including one in Hercules, where the owners allegedly housed an illegal workforce.

Rui Tao Lin's brother, Rui Yang Lin, and co-defendant Bi Xia Ni were each sentenced last month to 36 months probation and a $36,000 fine. All pleaded guilty to charges in the fall.